Reach the Efficient Business Frontier™

Trufa finds the efficient frontier for your business by optimizing operations through the identification of business drivers that define performance.

Trufa finds the efficient frontier for your business. It optimizes operations through the identification of business drivers that define performance.

Trufa is a cloud application for decision makers of medium to large business that statistically identifies and scores the drivers for performance through correlations, allows business users to simulate changes to key drivers, and reliably predicts the economic outcomes of operational improvements. Trufa requires no dedicated infrastructure, data modeling, data aggregation, or data scientists and runs off any SAP ERP version 4.6C or higher.

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How to reach the Efficient Business Frontier™ across your business


Measure every process steps for any part of your organization by duration, flow volume and working capital tied-up.


Gain instant visibility on your cash-to-cash cycle.
Highlight tied-up cash and recommended actions to free it up.


Understand your pricing sensitivity with interactive simulations and identify the optimal balance between operational performance and price levels.


Visualize and optimize your operational drivers for


Statistically assess the optimal level of references.
Maximize your profits without hindering operations.


Predict your future cash flow with unmatched precision.


Identify and cluster process variances.
Focus on optimizing standard processes while limiting occurence of exceptions.

Obliterate the roadblocks to cash flow and process optimization


“We need insight faster to act sooner. 1-2 months lead time for any new analysis and report doesn’t fit our business pace.”


“I need to drive cashflow to fund strategic initiatives and improve my ratios, but no one can tell me where to find the cash.”


“What if I could directly influence working capital and accurately predict cash flow instead of just managing them as an outcome?”


“KPIs and reports only tell me what the current situation is. They don’t tell me what I can do to improve it.”


“How do I know I am selling at the best price and how can I repeatedly sell at the best price?”


“We are crippled by operational inefficiencies. I need quick identification of opportunities and actions.”

Regardless of the unique challenges faced by your finance and operations teams, Trufa helps them simulate the impacts of the recommended actions and guide them to achieve proactive, predictive, and sustainable results. See our case studies to learn how Trufa helps global manufacturing enterprises uncover opportunities to quickly optimize their financial performance.

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