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Meet Werner Schultheis

CIO in global organizations like Randstad, entrepreneur and executive advisor at Rhine Business Consulting, Werner has gathered an unparalleled experience in Information Technologies, with a passion for improving collaboration between business and IT: “Business drives IT, IT drives Business”.  And more than ever, the accelerated pace of business analytics innovation and the growing opportunities call for a tight collaboration between the CIO and the lines of business.

Werner’s CIO Perspective

CIO Perspective White Paper

How new technologies and analytics will “show you what you haven’t seen yet”. How IT can harness the growing need of business for “Big Data” analytics by delivering rapid and tangible responses. How can the CIO leverage multi years investment in SAP without disruptions?

Read Werner’s perpective on the new opportunities for IT:

The Simplest Way To Start

Once connected to your SAP instance, the Trufa Application gets your business teams started in a week. Like any other cloud service you probably leverage for sales, marketing or development, Trufa will run independently and won’t add workload to your infrastructure. The Trufa collector implementation is managed by your SAP Database administrator. Fully developed in ABAP by SAP certified experts, it seamlessly integrates in your ERP platform and is compatible from 4.6C release on.

Simple Architecture

An Unmatched Speed

Why would you analyze the entire SAP ERP data set, across the cash-to-cash cycle from one end to another to identify new cash and profit opportunities from operations? Because you can. Because it won’t slow down your transactional systems. And because digging deeper and broader will bring to light opportunities that traditional approach could not reveal. With Trufa’s in memory engine, you deliver the performance of “Big Data” your users are inquiring about. With Trufa’s built in analytics workflows, you offer “Data Scientist”-class statistics and simulations . You can be confident that waiting time for data processing are things of the past.

An Immediate ROI

With SAP you brought operational performance to your organization. You can now introduce management excellence without any disruption and re-engineering of your valued investment. Trufa will just plug onto your ERP. Also, Trufa is the only application that quantifies opportunities and actions in dollars of working capital and profits. After just a few hours of initial processing, business teams will start making fact based decisions, supported by predictive simulations.

“Fort Knox” Security

Trufa Security Whitepaper

Your data, your process are certainly among the most precious assets of your organizations and we take their security very seriously. We match or even exceed the current standards for data security and privacy: your data is kept encrypted behind high grade protection RSA keys and it will be held in a single tenant application.

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