The Treasurer's Perspective

Meet Amber

CEO in an SAP implementation firm specializing in automating the cash cycle and improving treasury operations, angel investor and entrepreneur, Amber Christian has deep experience across 4 continents and over 30 countries. She has a passion for bridging the traditional divide between IT and business functions. The role of analytics in working capital optimization provides new opportunities for Treasurers to influence the ways global cash is generated and saved. 

Amber’s Perspective

Amber's Perspective

The treasury function has always lacked Business Intelligence (B.I.) and its traditional data warehouses to run its analytics. However, common in many other lines of business, BI solutions struggled to connect insight to actions. Treasurers now have a unique opportunity to leapfrog traditional approaches and embrace a whole new paradigm: the one of big data analysis and predictive analytics.

The Fastest Access to Data

Integrated data collectors continuously extract and crawl transactional data in search of new opportunities. HANA based analysis allows lightning fast insights and prescribed actions through a consistent user experience, allowing focus to shift to value added activities.

Simple Architecture

The Most Comprehensive Working Capital Analysis

Cash to Cash Coverage

Traditional data warehousing typically focuses on a single process function. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Treasury must independently build data models to support their business processes. Cross process predictive reporting models to analyze end to end constraints don’t exist in the traditional business intelligence designs.

Shifting to Trufa cloud based reporting models removes the siloed process constraints and leverages end to end working capital analysis. This provides more complete information than traditional stand-alone business intelligence solutions.

Start Freeing Cash in Weeks

Using the power of predictive analytics, previously hidden cash opportunities are revealed. Treasurers are transforming from a “cash-mover” to a “cash-harvester”. They can choose the appropriate actions based on time and capacity for change.

Most traditional reporting projects end after the initial outcome is achieved. Predictive analytics continuously identifies new opportunities which allows the organization to harvest cash from its internal processes on an ongoing basis.

Start Freeing up Cash in Weeks

Kick Start your Data Revolution

SAP Finance Whitepaper

Finance’s influence continues its expansion across the organization, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Technology plays an increasing role facilitating faster decision making capabilities in an increasingly complex environment. Higher levels of automation are necessary to facilitate these new challenges.

The organization must transform from focusing on report generation and metrics to higher value analytical work. New analytical applications are needed to leverage the sheer volume of data now available to organizations to accelerate this transformation.

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