The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer satisfaction as a key driver to the financial success of a company. NPS transformed the business world and remain the core measurement for customer experience management worldwide.

While NPS improved customer satisfaction, the results do not guarantee business growth. As many critics of NPS point out, a customer can provide a score of satisfied or very satisfied but still defect or skip repurchasing. In many cases, we see companies with great NPS scores yield poor results at the end of the quarter.

Trufa offers an innovative way for business users to include NPS in operational decisions by leveraging their SAP ERP data:

  • Unlike NPS, Trufa explores the correlation between customer satisfaction and financial gains. By weighing customer satisfaction as it relates to monetary value, business users can effectively use their NPS to gain better insights.
  • Business users can have a complete view on customer satisfaction over all of the organization’s performed surveys. Trufa offers a complete view of the score, thereby enabling business users to easily and quickly determine areas of improvement in their operational processes.
  • Business users can leverage the most up-to-date results of their NPS. Questions such as, “How does my recent operational changes affect customer satisfaction?” and “Where do I trend?” are easily explored and quickly answered in the application via Trufa.

As a business, wouldn’t you like to know how your customer satisfaction correlates with your financial success? Is it worth your time and money to ensure that customer service levels are consistent throughout the process?

The Trufa Performance Management Machine offers state of the art enterprise application that goes beyond survey analysis and reporting. Business users gain better insight and perform better analysis with Trufa’s dynamic machine.