The answer is simple: Yes and No!

“Yes” because Trufa and S/4HANA apply the same philosophy of “all details” and “no aggregates”.
“No” because Trufa solves a totally different problem than S/4HANA.

S/4HANA is about supporting and automating the operations of an enterprise.
Trufa is about supporting and automating the management decisions of an enterprise.

This means that S/4HANA and Trufa are complementary by nature. You cannot do with S/4HANA what you can with Trufa and vice versa you cannot do with Trufa what you can do with S/4HANA. But both solutions are synergistic.

Let’s illustrate these synergies with a few exemplary use cases of Trufa for S/4HANA:


Familiarizing yourself with the foundational S/4HANA characteristics


Experiencing the different way of working with ad-hoc dynamic hierarchies of all sorts


No need for a running S/4HANA system

Preparing your S/4HANA introduction


Taking stock of your current ERP usage patterns


No need for a running S/4HANA system

Comparing your ERP and S/4HANA complexity


Gauging your degree of achieved simplification


S/4HANA test system required

Weighing your ERP- and S/4HANA-based business performance


Qualitative and quantitative performance driver assessment


Parallel run of ERP and S/4HANA required

Accompanying the S/4HANA rollout


From S/4HANA Finance to S/4HANA


S/4HANA in production mode required

Technically Trufa is an “S/4HANA application”. Trufa uses the same technology stack as S/4HANA. Trufa uses the same raw tables as S/4HANA. Trufa uses the built-in financial functions of HANA as S/4HANA.

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