Product Release

Find performance improvements worth billions in profits, price and working capital.

Trufa has released Trufa 6.1.04, the latest update of our Performance Management Machine for operational decision support based on free cash and profitability analytics.

NEW Federated Process Analytics

Reconstruct and analyse business processes which are spanning multiple ERP systems.

NEW User-Defined Events

Create external events or compose one out of existing internal events.

Cluster Root Causes

Start the Root Cause Analysis to determine the responsible filter dimensions.



Now create your alerts directly out of the Alert overview and your Activities.

What’s New?

Trufa 6.1.04 introduces Federated Process Analytics (FPA) as beta functionality. FPA allows to reconstruct and analyze business processes which are spanning multiple ERP systems. FPA features various new concepts and procedures which are documented in detail in the Trufa Glossary.

Highlights of release Trufa 5.1.48.


New Activity Card

Enables business users to see all information related to an Activity, such as Alternatives and Targets.



Now act directly on your alert from the overview page.

New Potential Drivers

New potential drivers (sample ratios) in all business functions extend and enhance the possibilities for measuring the aspects of the business process that directly affect results or outcomes.


Binary Ratios

“Does it make a difference whether my material is configurable or not?”…
Binary ratios are now also supported in Make.

What’s New?

Trufa 5.1.48 features a totally reworked Activities page. Following the lead of our customers we are emphasizing the collaboration over the management aspects now.
On the left hand, you find the inventory of all your current Activities. You can switch the view between All, Alternatives and Targets. In addition, you can lock individual Activities and just display those.
On the right hand, you find the so-called Activity Cards now.

Highlights of release Trufa 5.1.44.


New Analysis: Clusters

Enables business users to see and further analyze how objects differ across their data.

Net Promoter Score BETA

Correlate customer satisfaction score with financial performance indicators.

New Algorithms

New business process detection algorithms extend and enhance the core process view across the complete cash-to-cash cycle.

iOS Compatible & Accessible

Trufa can be accessed via iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch. iOS 10.1 or higher.

What’s New?

Trufa 5.1.44 adds cluster analysis support to Simulations. Cluster analysis groups set of objects in a way that objects in the same group (called a cluster) are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other groups (clusters). Dominant and outlier clusters can be differentiated and further analyzed.

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