The Performance Management Machine

The Trufa Performance Management Machine finds performance improvements worth billions by optimizing operations through the identification of business drivers that define performance.

Trufa is a cloud application for business decision makers of medium to large business that statistically identifies and scores the drivers for performance through correlations, allows business users to simulate changes to key drivers, and reliably predicts the economic outcomes of operational improvements.

Trufa is ready to use, requires no dedicated infrastructure, data modeling, data aggregation, or data scientists.

Businesses often miss how much cash is locked within balance sheets or how much profitability drip from daily operations. Freeing up that cash—by optimizing working capital—and recapturing profits brings more than improved operational efficiency. It also delivers liquidity which is necessary to fund growth, reduce debt, lower costs, maximize shareholder returns and outperform competitors.

Streamlining and improving operations should not be detrimental to quality of services delivered or received.

The Trufa Performance Management Machine analyzes a company’s entire SAP ERP data set and statistically identifies the business drivers that transform operational performance. It offers a comprehensive approach to both working capital and profitability optimization by identifying the operational drivers that define performance. Trufa works on the entire cash-to-cash cycle to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Trufa enables users to take actions that will work in synergy with other programs.

Delivers first results in 7 to 10 days: no infrastructure, data warehouse, data modeling or statistical prep work required.

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