Predictive Prescriptions for Performance Management

Trufa is an innovative performance management solution. Advanced robust statistics are built-in rather than bolted on, enabling proactive performance management.

Elasticity Sensing for Cash and Profitability

Trufa detects the sensitivity of cash and profitability performance, with respect to operational efficiency and effectiveness, as well as complexity (product and process).

Trufa Signature Features

Automatically detect all cash-conversion-cycle processes independent of inherent complexity, sheer size and number of ERP systems involved. Complete details of all executed transactions are preserved.

Automatic Business Process Reconstruction

Automatically detect and evaluate all performance drivers. Apply automatic predictive models to turn potential opportunities into concrete operational prescriptions.

Via Universal Performance Scoring

Automatically detect, extract and load to be replicated source ERP data. The source ERP does not have to be instrumented. Trufa Extracting & Loading (ET) is highly reliable and works very fast, especially for very high data volumes in the terabyte range.

Automatic Data Extraction & Loading

Instant Cloud Delivery


Data Scientist in a Box

High-Performance Big Data Processing

Business Focused User Experience

Trufa Business Applications

Trufa can be applied in various performance determining areas.

Operational Efficiency

Manage an enterprise’s free cash position with sustainable measures based on operational process changes.

Operational Effectiveness

Manage profitability position by leveraging actual price elasticity or through process improvement measures.

Reduce Complexity

Manage process and product complexity.

What can we do for you?

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