Multiple ERP Systems

Trufa covers the complete cash-to-cash processes regardless of the number or types of ERPs involved.

Enterprise Intelligence

Enterprise-wide transparency, visibility and insight.


Go live, system by system

Many enterprise ERP customers have grown in the last 30 years which means they operate using multiple ERP systems. With Trufa, enterprises can leverage systems with ease by making it simple to add a system, one after the other.

No need for upfront system consolidation

Indifferent to master data content and keys, organizational structures, systems and system versions.

Maximize return on ERP systems

Trufa leverages an ERPs current system landscape, eliminating the need to change the landscape from step to step.

Trufa Value Bases Process Mining

True Process Matching – Multiple ERP Systems

Trufa applies machine learning in order to recognize which process fragments actually belong together.

Instant Cloud Delivery


Data Scientist in a Box

High-Performance Big Data Processing

Business Focused User Experience

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