Solution Characteristics

The Trufa Performance Management Machine observes the following 12 rules.


Rule Explanation
True Numbers All numbers are calculated rather than approximated. No bias due to aggregates or cleansing.
All Process Details No relevant information gets lost due to process gaps or omissions.
No Semantic Gap The same language throughout the whole world of data.
Transcending Silos All business functions look at the same source of truth.
Forward-looking Simulating the future leveraging true relationships insights.
Intuitive Usage Deciders understand their discipline without intermediaries (e.g. data scientists).
Instant Live No data preparation (especially modeling) beyond access to raw data.
Viral Implementation All potential users can study the data without further ado.
Collective Intelligence Cloud-centric enables collaborative decision making.
Ready-to-run Apps No IT (ERP/BI) projects in order to install, configure and customize the software.
Always Up-to-Date Friction-less and latency-less data provisioning.
Simple Technology Robust and reliable due to significantly shortened technology stack.

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