Case Studies

The anonymous case studies below represent just a few of the ways Trufa is helping global manufacturing enterprises achieve proactive, predictive, and sustainable results to quickly optimize their financial performance.



Root Cause


$5 Billion
Manufacturing Company

DPO was consistently below company target

Trufa helped identify incorrect payment terms across 200 million ERP invoicing documents.

$20M improvement in working capital achieved after immediate correction of payment terms

$9 Billion
Manufacturing Company

Financial DIO was 13 days over operational DIO

Trufa helped uncover that inadequate tracking of long haul goods movement and overuse of consignation stocks were to blame.

$1M in cash flow freed up on first-pass analysis

€10 Billion
Manufacturing Company

35% average overdue receivables in large subsidiary

Trufa helped uncover that customer tricks, unintended internal delays, and KPI bias were to blame.

Release of 20% cash flow tied up by overdue invoices