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Herausforderungen und Potentiale im Bereich Daten und Analytics


Die Digitalisierung wird Unternehmen und Controlling radikel verändern…

Microsoft Accelerator Serie – (5) Trufa

Gruender Metropole Berlin | October 23, 2017

Ein Interview mit Trufa…

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Think big and grow step by step

Startup Valley | Sept 13, 2017

Trufa optimize operational performance and gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace…

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Trends und Implikation für das Controlling


Die radikalen Veränderungen im Umfeld digitaler Informationen bieten erhebliche Potentiale aber auch große Herausforderungen für das Controlling…

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Interview mit Referenten der Process Mining Online Konferenz

Process Analytics Factory | Januar 2017

Lesen Sie das Interview mit Ralph Treitz, Trufa…

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Reach your business efficient frontier with big data

bobsguide | July 28, 2016

Amber Christian, ACE and Gauthier Vasseur, Trufa
Twenty years have passed since the rise of the data-warehouse, BI (Business Intelligence), and EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). Companies invested in technologies to capture data and gain insight into their business to maximise cash flow and profitability with mixed results. ….

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How Big Data Analytics is Transforming Cash Flow Forecasting

ACE Blog | June 26, 2016

Guest Blog by Gauthier Vasseur, Trufa
Many functions of enterprise rely on cash flow forecasting. It is the life-blood of businesses, big or small. For managers, cash flow forecasting enables them to confidently fund projects or obtain new financing. ….

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Behind the Predictive Analytics Curtain | June 20, 2016

In this episode of the “Experts and Influencers”, I speak to Gauthier Vasseur, Vice President of Trufa (a cloud application company) and Teacher at Stanford University about Predictive Analytics….

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What’s in your financial supply chain?

GT News | June 03, 2016

As financial professionals, we hear regularly about how big data and analytics will change our world and that we must harness its power to transform our businesses…

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How to Improve Financial Performance with Real-Time Insights and Predictive Capabilities

SAP Insider | January 06, 2016

With an economy on the upswing and companies in growth mode, finance is becoming an engine to drive that growth by unlocking capital to fund key business initiatives…

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Working Capital Management mit Big Data Analytics

DerTreasurer| Dezember 09, 2015

Working Capital Management steht bei vielen Unternehmen ganz oben auf der Agenda. Der CCO von Bühler Leybold Optics ist den Weg über Big Data Analytics gegangen – und berichtet im Webinar von seinen Erfahrungen.

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Bühler Leybold Optics: Wie Big Data Kapital freisetzt

FINANCE | Dezember 08, 2015

Kann man mit Big Data Analytics sein Working Capital verbessern? Der COO von Bühler Leybold Optics hat es ausprobiert – und verrät im FINANCE-Webinar die Details.

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10 questions with Gauthier Vasseur

Ace Blog | November 17, 2015

A great interview with an inspiring and funny man…
Gauthier Vasseur
Vice President of Marketing | Trufa .

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Bühler Leybold Optics verbessert Working Capital mit Datenanalyse

FINANCE | November 13, 2015

Was Big Data beim Working Capital Management leisten kann.
Working Capital Management ist ein Dauerthema für viele CFOs. Doch über die Wege zum Erfolg lässt sich trefflich streiten. Domenic von Planta, COO von Bühler Leybold Optics, hat auf technische Unterstützung gesetzt.

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The Next Wave Of Enterprise Software Powered By Machine Learning

techcrunch| July 27, 2015

[…] Finance: Anaplan, Adaptive Planning and Trufa are part of a new generation of finance-oriented companies that are using predictive analytics to transform the financial planning function. […]

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Vorstandssitzungen auf Speed

Handelsblatt | May 6, 2015

Ein neues System von SAP liefert wichtige Informationen in Echtzeit.[…] Auch das deutsch-amerikanische Start-up Trufa hat ein Werkzeug entwickelt, mit dem Manager während einer Sitzung die Veränderungen bestimmter Parameter und die Folgen etwa für die Bilanz simulieren können – und zwar auf dem iPad und mit Hilfe der SAP-Datenbanktechnologie Hana. […](in German).

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Mit Predictive Analytics Finanzprozesse und Lieferkette optimieren

it-onlinemagazin – Sept 15, 2014

Bei der Suche nach Unternehmen, die Predictive Analytics, Big Data und SAP HANA bereits praktisch nutzen, sind wir fündig geworden: Das Startup Trufa aus Heidelberg und Palo Alto hilft Unternehmen bei der Optimierung ihrer Lieferketten und Finanzprozesse.

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Optimize Cash Flow and Manage Banking Relationships

SAPPHIRENOW 2014 | June 5, 2014

Luisa Silva, Director, Market Enablement for EMEA & MEE, SAP Startups Focus at SAP, talks with our CEO Ralph Treitz on how to learn how you can unlock the working capital that may be hidden in receivables or inventory. See how solutions from Trufa Inc. and the SAP HANA platform can help.

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How to solve a $5 trillion working capital problem

SAPPHIRENOW 2014 | June 5, 2014

An interview with our CEO Ralph Treitz (Video)

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Finance Applications for SAP Customers | June 6, 2014

Interview conducted by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

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Heading to Orlando | May 23, 2014

An interview with our CEO Ralph Treitz by Calia Brown, SAP

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SAP reaches out to cloud startups with HANA to prove it’s still cool

citeworld | April 11, 2014

…On a more traditional business side, there’s Trufa, which provides financial data analytics delivered from an iPad app, with users able to change the model and run new analysis on the fly. Where before generating a new financial report took a team of specialists, says Trufa CMO Narina Sippy, now it’s a matter of handing the CFO an iPad and letting them fiddle…

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10 Innovative IT Startups Showcase Wares at DEMO 2014

eweek | April 7, 2014

Over a span of 24 years, the DEMO series of conferences has gained the reputation as being among the most well-known and respected of IT startup showcases, and for good reason. It’s extremely difficult to get through all the vetting stages by venture capitalists and industry experts…

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Trufa Launches Trufa Scoop at DEMO Enterprise 2014

DEMO Enterprise | April 3, 2014

See the recording of the Trufa Scoop live presentation on the DEMO Stage.

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Opening Event in Potsdam, Germany

SAP Innovation Center | Feb 12, 2014

Trufa is honored with the opportunity to present at the SAP Innovation Center opening this week. Guenther Tolkmit, Chief Delivery Officer at Trufa, will present and show the SCOOP application on February 12, 2014.

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Achieving $4.5M in Series A Funding in Five Steps

SAP Hana Blog | Jan 06, 2014

We are not what you typically imagine a startup to be. We are veterans of our enterprise space and our founders have 60 years of collective experience in enterprise software. We are not inventing something but instead innovating on what we have been doing for quite some time.

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