Red Dot Award 2017

Trufa received Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017!

August 10, 2017 – Trufa announces that the Trufa Application received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017.

The winning team: Silicon Valley Design meets Engineering made in Germany

Design agency NONOBJECT, Palo Alto CA and the Trufa engineering team from Munich, Germany joined forces to create an outstanding new User Interface (UI) for Trufa’s enterprise management application.

Design empowers function
An attractive UI and a great user experience are not just eyecatchers for the display. User interface and user experience are key to the user’s capability to work with new and disruptive applications. “We live in times where users expect to learn by content, not by being educated about where to click and how to move around in an application. Our design keeps users focused from the very first moment on their tasks while enjoying implicitly using the software” says Guenther Tolkmit, Chief Delivery Officer at Trufa. “The result is a dramatic improvement of user productivity – almost automatically, just because use and navigation is a no-brainer.”

“Working with Trufa’s team to design the interface of the app was a pleasure”, adds Malin Leschly, VP of Brand and Business Strategy at NONOBJECT. “We know from experience that it takes a bold vision to create experiences that positively disrupt, and Trufa delivered on both the vision and making it a reality.”

Innovative functions become familiar right away for the enterprise user
Trufa applications form an entirely new kind of enterprise performance management software. Machine Intelligence is used to work with huge amounts of enterprise data on the most detailed level instead of simple average-based aggregated KPIs. There is automatic root cause analysis for business goals like profitability, growth or working capital. There is google-style search in a world of improvement opportunities. All that is based on highly advanced statistics and machine learning algorithms. Such content was hitherto only accessible for data scientists and very advanced programmers. Trufa solved the problem to empower business users to create such results without programming skills and without having a PhD in math.

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